About Us

Siam Kampan Co.,Ltd. is the experienced manufacturer in premium export-quality perfumery and botanical skincare products. We are specialized in 100% Thai natural ingredients, traditional herbs and spa lines. We have created a revolutionary line of natural skin care product base on our visionary Siam’s beauty secret and nurturing skin.

Siam Kamapan's natural skin care ingredients contain of Thai-herbs, fruits, plant based oils, organic herbs & essential oil, herbal extracts and floral waters provide the skin with the nourishment needed to preserve a natural healthy looking flow. Our company designs and manufactures various kinds of products, including high-end products used in five stars hotels and resorts, not only within Thailand but also many different countries around the world.

Additionally, we offer the customized services in consulting, planning, and designing products according to each client's concepts and needs. In recent years we have received widely positive feedbacks from our customers abroad who purchased a high volume of our products to resell overseas. Our unique and distinctive fragrances brought about the idea of this hHom collection.